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Lewis Johnston
Music Introduction

My introduction blog about my music career.

Hello! to everyone reading this article and welcome to what is my first ever blog.
More specifically my short introduction blog about my music career, as I progress forwards as a solo songwriter.

My name is Lewis Johnston, I'm a 24-year-old Welsh artist and songwriter from the United Kingdom. With a focus on writing and producing classical and metal music. Despite not formally learning music or even having a single music lesson, being self-taught, my song writing has transformed from simple piano pieces to rock band arrangements, all the way up to multiple symphonic works. In 2022 I started my long anticipated solo career, after working with a series of bands as a musician/song writer between 2012 to early 2020. Having built up an extensive portfolio of music over the last 10 years, it was time for me to start to develop, produce and release my material.

On 6th July, I started development on my self-titled debut album. The album will be a 20 track approx. 90-minute-long orchestral album. The album will  have a pop song structure, with easy flowing vocals, within the genre of classical music. This merging, will have the aim of hopefully helping to bring the classical music world to the world of popular  music. The album is expected to be released sometime early in  mid-2023.

Seven tracks arranged as  a  instrumental piano and accompanying string arrangement, are to be releases between 12th august and 9th September 2022.  With my debut single from the first album titled “A New Start”  released  on 12th august this year.


My music can be check out on Spotify.

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