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Lewis Johnston
Artists Introduction

Introduction blog about my art career.

Hello, once again to all my readers. Today I have a double blog to present, talking about my career as an artist. An artists statement and a script that was planned to be used in an introduction video for my YouTube channel, but was never used, that might be of interest to my followers. Enjoy!

Artists Statement

I am a 24-year-old Welsh-born visual artist from the outskirts of Mold Town, North Wales, who mostly focuses on Architectural artworks in the styles of abstract and impressionism and realism.

Most notably known for merging the worlds of abstract and hyper detail, whilst presenting the elements in such a way, both forms are able to express their ethos without one compromising the other.

I started pursuing art as a career at the age of 22 after being in various bands playing metal and rock music. Art was always my first choice and I slowly found myself gravitating back towards it.

In early 2020, I embarked on a long 5 and a half month graphite drawing piece of what became the NYC Skyline (2020) art piece. Using the piece as a starting point to learn and develop my knowledge and skills and starting my journey towards exploring and finding my own art style.

Transitioning to the medium of acrylic paint on canvas, I started work on two small paintings, the Eiffel Tower (2020) in September 2020 and Brooklyn Bridge with NYC Skyline (2021) in early 2021. Primarily developing my use of linework and form. These two paintings would help me to develop my oil paintings skills on canvas.

Having always had an interest in expressing my artistic pursuits and having an interest in architecture. I can recall as far back as around the age of 3, drawing building, ships and bridges. Anything to do with architecture back then, very much interested me.

Introduction video for YouTube and social media (Script)

Lewis Johnston – Introduction

Hello, my name is Lewis Johnston and I’m a 24-year-old Welsh artist from North Wales in the United Kingdom.

This is my first official YouTube video, which is the perfect opportunity for me to introduce myself as an artist and to talk about my art.

I work primarily as an architectural artist, in the forms of abstract and impressionism. With interest in creating skylines and collages of buildings. So far, I have covered cities such as London, New York, Paris and Liverpool city in northern England. Using graphite pencil, acrylic paint as my mediums but plan to work primarily in oil painting in the near future.

My artistic expression is a fragmented style, including architectural, urban, bold, intense, expressive, monochromatic, structural, grand and detailed, yet abstract.

My goal as an artist is to bring together the real life detailed world, (Impressionist), with the creative imaginary element of abstraction. To bring out the spirit, character and feel of the scene expressed in the form of abstraction and to merge it with detail from real life. In essence, to see the result of my creativity merged with the real world.

At the age of 22 I started my career as an artist in 2020.  Up until then, I played in various bands. My genre being metal, rock and alternative.  With hindsight, I should have started my art career sooner. Sometimes, you have to go down various paths before you find the right one.

I have always been a creative individual with an interest in creating art. My dyslexia helps with this, as our brains view the world differently. This has furthered my creative abilities by enhancing my imagination.  As young as 3 years old, I was drawing architectural work such as buildings and ships. Having started so early, by the time I was in high school, I always found myself and been told by my teachers, that I was  the head of the class and year for art. Notably, from a very detailed pastel drawing of a lion I did  in my 11th year of high school in 2014, which was put on display at a local gallery and my early experimenting  with  3d projection techniques to creative 3d art work.

Both my creative and technical abilities were further recognised when I attended the Mold Alun six form between the academic years of 2014 and 2016. Where I was told, that I had the best 3d design and modelling abilities in the class, for my A-Level design and technology course. I was also informed about my high quality of work in my A-Level graphic art course.

The one thing that is good about my dyslexia, is that it enables me to delve deeper into my imagination, for my inspiration.



Currently, I am working on selling open edition prints of my first art series titled “Architecture In Ink”. Which is a series of 10 art pieces in ink and gel pen on A4 paper, covering architecture collages from imagination. The series was worked on last year in 2021 and I am pleased to say the response so far has been positive.

This year I plan to embark on a series of large format pallet knife paintings, covering various famous internationally recognized city skylines. Created in the styles of abstract and impressionism with a monochrome colour pallet.

I plan to have the collection displayed at a number of art galleries in the future. A series of limited-edition prints will be produced from the art pieces.

I hope I have given some information regarding my work and what motivates me to create my art pieces. If you like my work, links are available to view more of my artwork in the description below.

I wish you all the best and thank you for watching.


My art can be viewed from my websites gallery.

For more information about my art and other careers.

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