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Is your art for sale?

At this stage in my career, I’m not ready to offer the original art pieces. Partly due to me still building up my portfolio. However, I do plan to sell a portion of my portfolio down the line.

Are you available for commissions?

I am not currently taking on commissions. However I would still be interested to hear any offers you may have.

Is your art on exhibition?

Currently my art is not on exhibition. However, they can be viewed on my website and associated online shops digitally. I plan to have a number of exhibitions in the near future, hopefully not too long from now.

Where can we see you and your art?

Usually I attend the opening of exhibitions and am able to talk and answer any questions you may have about my art. This will depend on when I am able to do exhibitions again.

Do you offer NFT's?

Whilst I have no plans these days to release any NFT's, I am open to the opportunity to offer NFT's in the future.

Do you offer limited or open edition prints?

I currently only offer open edition prints, but have plans to release limited edition prints in the future.

Where can I buy your art prints?

My prints are mainly available directly from my website, but may be offered from other platforms where I have an official sellers account.

I have plans to make my prints available through some art galleries, at some point, in addition to my website.

What type of prints do you offer?

With a focus on trying to provide the best quality I can, I only offer aluminium composite panel prints and archival paper prints, both at Giclée standard or higher. These mediums allow for ultra-high resolutions, advanced HDR colouring and exceptional reproduction quality. Long term preservation with resistance to wear when stored and maintained properly and easy mounting for aluminium composite prints are additional reasons for the change to these mediums of print.

What quality are your prints?

All my prints are of Giclée standard or higher. The aluminium composite panel prints are of archival quality, resistant to long term wear when properly kept and maintained. The paper prints are of archival quality, capable of producing a high range of colours and detail. In addition, they can last long term with proper care.

What size prints do you offer?

There is a range of sizes to suit different peoples needs, from medium sized prints to large prints.

What prices are your art prints?

Currently my prints range around the prices of £145-£485.

How is art packaged and delivered?

Paper prints are are usually packaged in a flat mailing packaging with a protective plastic wallet. For metal prints, they are packaged into a flat mailing box. All limited edition prints are provided with my artist hand signature, along with a certificate of authenticity (With holographic security sticker), invoice and a thank you card for buying my art work, that has information about other prints which may take your interest.

What is the average time of art deliveries?

Expect prints to arrive around 1-3 workings days nationally (United Kingdom), up to 1 week within the European Union and 1 week internationally. Arrival times may be extended due to circumstances such as holiday periods or other effecting factors. All shipping is done via 1st class Royal Mail (U.K.) as a standard.

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